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Welcome to Dadashie Acne System

Welcome to Dadashie Acne System. For over 15 years the Dadashie Acne System has been providing customers with a safe, effective and affordable skin treatment system that reduces acne without the use of harsh antibiotics or invasive treatments.

Customers have seen dramatic improvements in the look and condition of their skin. Endorsed and used by doctors and skin professionals, teens and adults, the Dadashie System will start to show improvements in your skin in as little as two weeks, including the reduction and reversal of acne effects such as scarring.

Our Providers



For Professionals we offer a full day of ongoing training. Training can be done at our Anaheim Clinic or at your location.
The class size is limited and fee will vary. Contact us directly for more information.


“One of the teens in our family had some significant challenges with acne." Dr. Robert (Bob) Sears


"He spent about three years using all available treatments (short of Accutane) and routinely went to a dermatologist for facial peels. We heard about a new treatment option that uses more natural products along with ongoing facial treatments that were less irritating. We saw significant results right way,                                            and  after about three months, the improvement was very dramatic." Dr. Robert (Bob) Sears


Why choose Dadashie

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The Dadashie Acne System is recommended by experts.
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